Please find the list below HRDOLL authorised dealers/resellers,all of them offer Free Worldwide Shipping

Authorised Online Retailers (Outside Mainland China):


1)Sex dolls

– Official HR Doll Reseller
– Free Worldwide Shipping
– VAT & Import Duty Clearance Service
– Offices in USA and UK
– 24/7 Customer Service,Live Chat, Email or Phone USA (+1) 310-919-4284
  UK (+44) 20 3287 5776



-USA based
-Free Worldwide Delivery
-Quality Personal Service Provided


-Germany Based
-Europe Import Duty Clearance Service


-Japan based
-Customer Service
-Free Shipping World Wide
Proficient in English and Japanese (日本語)

5)Mon Amour Toujours

 -Reseller on Doll-Forum
 -France Based
 -Personalized customer service


Dollstudio (EU customers) & (customers from North America & outside the EU)

– Accredited on The Doll Forum (TDF) since 2014
– Based in Europe, shipping worldwide
– Import fees clearance for all regular EU destinations
– Individual customer service in English & German
– Localized website for German customers,

7) CassiusSexDolls

Official Ste:

HR Store Collection:

-Australian based
-(Global Service) Shipping up to 54 countries including major markets in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, UK, USA, Canada and Japan
-Import Duty & Tax Clearance Service (Customs & import fees paid by us)
-Free Shipping Worldwide
-Accept PayPal, Credit Card, ApplePay, GooglePay, Cryptocurrencies
-Proficient in English, Italian, Spanish, Russian



-Australian Based – Sell to Europe, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, -Canada
-Free Shipping
-Customs Clearance
-Accept: PayPal, Credit Cards, Zip Pay

9) Monz Sex Doll

-Best Price Match Guarantee
-24/7 Customer Service
-100% Satisfaction Guarantee
-Free Worldwide Discreet Shipping



-Best Price Match Guarantee
-24/7 Customer Service
-100% Satisfaction Guarantee
-Free Worldwide Discreet Shipping
-Import Duty & Tax Clearance Service (Customs & import fees paid by us)
-Whatsapp : +1(845) 400-7329

11)Sex Doll Genie

-USA based, TDF Verified Seller.
-Free Worldwide Delivery
-Choose Your Price. Payment Plans Available. 24/7 Support


-Best Price Match Guarantee
-7/7 Customer Service
-Chat live 7/7
-100% Satisfaction Guarantee
-Free Discreet Shipping to Europe,USA,Canada,Australia
-Import Duty & Tax Clearance Service (Customs & import fees paid by us to Europe)


-USA Based Sex Doll Re-seller
-Free Shipping
-Best Price Match Guarantee
-24/7 Customer Service


-Worldwide free shipping
-100% Satisfaction Guarantee
-Import Duty & Tax Clearance Service (Customs & import fees paid by us to Europe)
-Outstanding Customer Service in English and France


-TDF approved distributor since 2011
-Worldwide discreet free shipping
-Import Duty & Tax Clearance Service (Customs & import fees paid by us to Europe)
-7/7 customer service


-Sex doll reseller from France since 2015
-Free Shipping
-7/7 customer service (French & English)


-TDF approved reseller
-Free Shipping
-7/7 customer service

17)The Silver Doll

-Medium/large worldwide multi-brand reseller
-Operating since 2015
-Exceptional customer service in English, Spanish, French and Italian.
-Free worldwide shipping (including EU VAT clearance)

18)Poupee Doll France

-Only reseller where you will not pay for options ( standing feet, pubic hair…)
-Chat live and Customer Service 24/7
-Best Price Match Guarantee
-100% Satisfaction Guarantee
-Free Worldwide Discreet Shipping
-Import Duty & Tax Clearance Service (Customs & import fees paid by us)


19)Silicone Lovers

– Concierge style Customer Service
– Free Shipping Worldwide
– Verified vendor on The Doll Forum (TDF)
– Live chat, call or email
– LONDON based, English speaking
– Customs clearance and import fees included.
– Excellent reviews on Trust Pilot.
–Excellent after-sales service.


20)Doll Experts

– USA based sex doll reseller
– Free shipping
– Free options (standing feet, enhanced skeleton, pubic hair)
– Huge selection
–Clean, easy to read and navigate site
–Knowledgeable, courteous and responsive service
–Multi-doll owner since 2001



TDF approved reseller
FRANCE based
Free Shipping
24/7 customer service (
Chat live
Import Duty & Tax Clearance Service (Customs & import fees paid by us to Europe)
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Excellent reviews on “Avis vérifiés”
Excellent after-sales service


22)Real Love Doll

Accredited on The Doll Forum (TDF) since 2013
First to start selling in France and Ordoll’s number 1 partner
Based in France, shipping worldwide
Accept PayPal, bank transfer
–Best Price Match Guarantee
–24/7 Customer Service, chat live, Multilingual website
–100% Satisfaction Guarantee, TDF Verified Seller
Import Duty & Tax Clearance Service


23)Tender dolls

Tenderdolls Based in Europe
We create unique 3D sex doll designs
Free shipping + customs duties prepaid
–Trustworthy Truspilot reviews
Live chat availability, helpful and quick customer support response time
–Accept Paypal, Popular Cryptocurrencies, Credit Cards


Biggest Online Sex Doll Shop
– TDF Approved  & Authorized Vendor.
Free Wordwide Shipping
– VAT and Customs Clearance Service.
– 24/7 Cuctoms Service.Chat or Email

25)Realist Love Doll

Europe Import Duty Clearance Service
Reseller on Doll-Forum
France and Taiwan Based
Personalized customer service, Paypal, Credit Cards, Bitcoin and Other Crypto-Currency Accepted!


26)Oh My Dollie

–USA based
–Free Discreet shipping (domestic and international)
–Superior quality and service
–Satisfaction guarantee
–Fully customizable options
Options for every budget


27)Pleasure Sexy Doll

-France Based Sex Doll Re-seller
-Free Worldwide Shipping Including Customs Duties Prepaid
-Best Price Match 100% Guarantee
-24/7 Customer Service Chat&Online


28)Safe Sex Dolls

– Premium to Mid Range Sex Dolls
– Customize your doll
– Free Worldwide Delivery
– Offices in Canada
– Live Chat, E-mail and Phone support (833) 266-DOLL


29)My Dear Sex Doll

– USA based
– Enjoy 24/7 customer support 
– Buyer protection
– Free shipping
– Financing available


30)Silicone Sex World

– UK’s #1 Doll Vendor. London Based
– In-Person Pickup, Local Deliveries, Overnight Deliveries and Ships from the UK
– Largest Doll Collection in the UK and Europe


31)Your Doll

– TDF Approved Vendor
– USA Based
– Showroom in California
– Best Price Match Guarantee
– 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee


32)Next Level Loves

– Strong focus on customer support –
– Free Shipping Globally
– Import Duty and Tax covered
– Quality options for all budgets
– Discreet shipping with 100% customer satisfaction guarantee