Please find the list below HRDOLL authorised dealers/resellers,all of them offer Free Worldwide Shipping

Authorised Online Retailers (Outside Mainland China):


1)Sex dolls
– Official HR Doll Reseller
– Free Worldwide Shipping
– VAT & Import Duty Clearance Service
– Offices in USA and UK
– 24/7 Customer Service,Live Chat, Email or Phone USA (+1) 310-774-0325
  UK (+44) 20 8144 6830
2)Sex Doll Genie
-USA based, TDF Verified Seller.
-Free Worldwide Delivery
-Choose Your Price,Payment Plans Available. 24/7 Support

-USA based
-Free Worldwide Delivery
-Quality Personal Service Provided
-TDF approved distributor since 2011
-Worldwide discreet free shipping
-Import Duty & Tax Clearance Service (Customs & import fees paid by us to Europe)
-7/7 customer service
5)The Silver Doll
-Medium/large worldwide multi-brand reseller
-Operating since 2015
-Exceptional customer service in English, Spanish, French and Italian.
-Free worldwide shipping (including EU VAT clearance)
6) Monz Sex Doll
-Best Price Match Guarantee
-24/7 Customer Service
-100% Satisfaction Guarantee
-Free Worldwide Discreet Shipping
  Xqueen Sex Dolls
-Get the best for less
-Best 24/7 Customer Service
-100% Satisfaction Guarantee
-Free Worldwide Discreet Shipping
Biggest Online Sex Doll Shop
TDF Approved  & Authorized Vendor.
Free Wordwide Shipping
-VAT and Customs Clearance Service.
-24/7 Cuctoms Service.Chat or Email
8)Oh My Dollie
-USA based
-Free Discreet shipping (domestic and international)
-Superior quality and service
-Satisfaction guarantee
-Fully customizable options
-Options for every budget
9)Safe Sex Dolls
– Premium to Mid Range Sex Dolls- Customize your doll
– Free Worldwide Delivery
– Offices in Canada- Live Chat, E-mail and Phone support (833) 266-DOLL
10)My Dear Sex Doll
– USA based- Enjoy 24/7 customer support 
– Buyer protection
– Free shipping
– Financing available
-USA Based Sex Doll Re-seller
-Free Shipping-Best Price Match Guarantee
-24/7 Customer Service
12)Doll Experts
-USA based sex doll reseller
-Free shipping-Free options (standing feet, enhanced skeleton, pubic hair)
-Huge selection-Clean, easy to read and navigate site
-Knowledgeable, courteous and responsive service-Multi-doll owner since 2001
13)Your Doll
– TDF Approved Vendor- USA Based
– Showroom in California
– Best Price Match Guarantee
– 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
14)Next Level Loves
– Strong focus on customer support –
– Free Shipping Globally
– Import Duty and Tax covered- Quality options for all budgets
– Discreet shipping with 100% customer satisfaction guarantee
15)Joi Machine
– USA Based Retailer- Accept PayPal, Credit Card, ApplePay, GooglePay, Cryptocurrencies
– Free Shipping World Wide
– Proficient in English, Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese- 24/7 Customer Service
– Huge selection- 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
16)Love Doll Palace  
– USA based- Veteran Owned Business (Military Friendly) 
– Excellent Reviews on Trust Pilot 
– Live Chat, call or email:
– Genuine and Honest Customer Service
– Free Shipping Worldwide- Verified Vendor
– Live chat or email 
– Canada based, English, French & Mandarin speaking
– 100% Positive Reviews- Excellent after-sales service
– Build the sex doll of your dreams
– Discover a wide selection of highly realistic and lifelike sex dolls
– Get the best for less
– Free Worldwide Shipping and Customs Clearance
– Chat with our support team or email
19)Real Sex Doll
-Genuine Products Guarantee
-Free & Discreet Worldwide Delivery
-Best Price Match Guarantee
-Payment Plans Available
-24/7 Customer Service, online chat or email us
-Selected Quality Sex Dolls
-7*24 Live Chat Support
-Free Shipping Worldwide
-Discreet packing
-VAT and Customs Clearance Service
21)Real Sex Doll
-TDF Verified seller
-24/7 Customer service
-Free Shipping Worldwide
-Discreet packing
-Official HRDOLL Reseller
-TDF award winner,best vendor
-“We turn dreams into reality
23)All Your Wishes Dolls
– Personalized attention 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via phone, message, whatsapp. online chat, instagram and facebook
– You can pay by bank transfer. Paypal and we have financing
– 100% discreet
– RosemaryDoll is a new international and professional adult doll reseller. We’re the official authorized reseller of TPE/Silicone sex dolls
– we have cooperated with many famous brand sex doll manufacturers, such as WM, 6YE, HR and etc
-The most realistic online sex doll shop
-HR authorized vendor
-Free Shipping Worldwide
-24/7 customer serivce,live chat or email
-VAT and Customs Clearance Service
– Official HR doll reseller
– Best price match gurantee
– Free worldwide discreet delivery
– VAT&Import duty clearance service
– Offices in USA&Singapore
24/7 customer service,live chat,email or phone USA 1-786-794-5439 SG 65-8312-3317 
27) Uloversdoll
– Lowest Price Guarantee!
– 100% Authentic Guarantee!
– 100% Privacy!Discreet and Free shipping!
– No Import Tax! Money Back Guarantee!
– 99.66% Good Reviews! 24h customer service!
– Email: Contact number: 1(844)436-0149

Uloversdoll are a well-known authorized sex doll reseller,offer realistic sex dolls high quality with best price, a variety of styles of silicone &TPE sex doll factory outlets, and help you get the most authentic sex experience.

28) Urdolls
– Guaranteed best price
– Guaranteed discreet and free shipping worldwide
– Guaranteed import customs clearance service
– Guarantee that the doll you receive is a high quality official licensed sex doll
– Guaranteed excellent customer service to provide you with a pleasant shopping experience
– Email: Contact number: (844) 436-0149

Urdolls is an authorized distributor of sex doll brands, all the dolls you see at urdolls are genuine sex dolls, urdolls refuses to sell fakes, only genuine sex dolls. We are the official authorized reseller of multilingual sex dolls, supporting global language exchanges. Free worldwide shipping.

29) maillovedoll

Mailovedoll is a franchiser of high-end sex dolls. Unlike other franchisers who only focus on selling products from high-end brands, we focus on putting high-end into service while building a perfect sales channel for brands we work with, and we will provide you with the most thoughtful and thorough customer service all the time

30) Zlovedoll

Zlovedoll is a sex doll discount store, we keep costs down by stocking a large inventory and shipping by sea, allowing customers to get the same quality sex doll at a lower price at Zlovedoll.

31) Best Sex Doll
– Official HR Doll reseller
– Free worldwide shipping!
– Ultimate lifelike doll and experience!
– 100% customer satisfaction!
32) Sex Doll Garden
– Sex Doll Garden is dedicated to delivering premium sex doll experiences to global customers
– Their commitment to excellence extends beyond the products they offer
– They prioritize customer satisfaction and aim to provide a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience.
33) Better love doll
– your trusted doll supplier dedicated to elevating experiences at every step!
– We are dedicated to providing customers with high-quality dolls and services
– We provide worry-free return services, and if you are not satisfied with the doll you receive, you have the right to a refund
– Living up to every penny you’ve spent is our motto



-Germany Based
-Europe Import Duty Clearance Service
2)Dollstudio (EU customers) & (customers from North America & outside the EU)

– Accredited on The Doll Forum (TDF) since 2014
– Based in Europe, shipping worldwide
– Import fees clearance for all regular EU destinations
– Individual customer service in English & German
– Localized website for German customers,

3)Mon Amour Toujours
-Reseller on Doll-Forum
-France Based
-Personalized customer service
4)Silicone Lovers
-Concierge style Customer Service
-Free Shipping Worldwide
-Verified vendor on The Doll Forum (TDF)
-Live chat, call or email
-LONDON based, English speaking
-Customs clearance and import fees included.
-Excellent reviews on Trust Pilot.
-Excellent after-sales service.
-Best Price Match Guarantee-24/7 Customer Service
-100% Satisfaction Guarantee
-Free Worldwide Discreet Shipping
-Import Duty & Tax Clearance Service (Customs & import fees paid by us)
-Whatsapp : +1(845) 400-7329
-Best Price Match Guarantee-7/7 Customer Service
-Chat live 7/7-100% Satisfaction Guarantee
-Free Discreet Shipping to Europe,USA,Canada,Australia
-Import Duty & Tax Clearance Service (Customs & import fees paid by us to Europe)

-Worldwide free shipping-100% Satisfaction Guarantee
-Import Duty & Tax Clearance Service (Customs & import fees paid by us to Europe)
-Outstanding Customer Service in English and France
-TDF approved reseller
-Sex doll reseller from France since 2015
-Free Shipping-7/7 customer service (French & English)
8)Poupee Doll France
-Only reseller where you will not pay for options ( standing feet, pubic hair…)
-Chat live and Customer Service 24/7-Best Price Match Guarantee
-100% Satisfaction Guarantee
-Free Worldwide Discreet Shipping-Import Duty & Tax Clearance Service (Customs & import fees paid by us)
TDF approved reseller
FRANCE based
Free Shipping24/7 customer service ( live
Import Duty & Tax Clearance Service (Customs & import fees paid by us to Europe)
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Excellent reviews on “Avis vérifiés”
Excellent after-sales service
11)Real Love Doll
Accredited on The Doll Forum (TDF) since 2013
First to start selling in France and Ordoll’s number 1 partner
Based in France, shipping worldwide
Accept PayPal, bank transfer
–Best Price Match Guarantee
–24/7 Customer Service, chat live, Multilingual website
–100% Satisfaction Guarantee, TDF Verified Seller
Import Duty & Tax Clearance Service
12)Tender dolls
Tenderdolls Based in Europe
We create unique 3D sex doll designsFree shipping + customs duties prepaid
–Trustworthy Truspilot reviews
Live chat availability, helpful and quick customer support response time
–Accept Paypal, Popular Cryptocurrencies, Credit Cards
13)Realist Love Doll
Europe Import Duty Clearance Service
Reseller on Doll-Forum France and Taiwan Based
Personalized customer service, Paypal, Credit Cards, Bitcoin and Other Crypto
-Currency Accepted!
14)Pleasure Sexy Doll
-France Based Sex Doll Re-seller
-Free Worldwide Shipping Including Customs Duties Prepaid
-Best Price Match 100% Guarantee
-24/7 Customer Service Chat&Online
15)Silicone Sex World
– UK’s #1 Doll Vendor. London Based
– In-Person Pickup, Local Deliveries, Overnight Deliveries and Ships from the UK
– Largest Doll Collection in the UK and Europe
– Germany based- We will take over the complete customs clearance
– Personalized customer service
– Specialist for TPE and Silicone Real Dolls
– #1 Online sex dolls shop
– Browse among more than 1,000 models or create your own 100% custom from head to toe 
– Free & Discreet shipping worldwide 
– Delivery Duty Paid (EU | USA)
– Free Worldwide Shipping- VAT Included & Europe Import Duty Clearance Service
– Offices in Italy and Germany
– Email:
– Contact form:
– supporto- 24/7 Friendly Customer Service phone
– Accept PayPal, Credit Card, ApplePay, GooglePay, PostPay, Bank Transfer
– Proficient in English, Italian and Spanish
– Based in Europe, FREE shipping worldwide
– (Global Service) Shipping up to 54 countries including major markets in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, UK, USA, Canada, Japan, etc.
– Import Duty & Tax Clearance Service (Customs & import fees paid by us)
– Individual customer service in English, Russian & Lithuanian
– Only high quality products for competitive prices
20) Sex Doll World
–  24/7 personal customer service.
– Contact us via live chat, phone or email.
– Remote dekstop support via teamviewer.
– Multilingual website: english, german, danish, sweedish and norwegian.
– Free Shipping Worldwide.
– Customs clearance and import fees included.
– Showroom in Funen, Denmark.
– 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and excellent after-sales service.
21) Sex Dolls Europe
– Sexshop in Paris since 11yrs
– Realistic Dolls seller
– Shipping from Europe in 3 days
– Best Sex Dolls prices in France
22) Latex Sexy Doll
– Official HRDOLL reseller
– France based,Realistic Dolls seller
– Free worldwide shipping
– Vat and custom clearance service 24/7 customer service online chat,email and phone support:+33 (0)  
23) My Robot Doll
– Official HRDOLL reseller
– TDF approved vendor : Responsive, Professional and Worry-free
– Worldwide discreet and free shipping
– Premium customer service in English, French and Dutch
24) Sex ‘n Dolls
– Best selections
– Worldwide free shipping
– 24/7 Support,discreet packaging
– SSL&buyer protection
25) Gutdolls-Sexpuppen liebespuppen & Real doll Kaufen (Germany)
– FREE Worldwide Shipping 
– Accept Paypal,Credit Card,Bank Transfer
– VAT included&Europe Import Duty Clearance Service
– inkle,19% MwSt.| Versandkostenfreie Lieferung
– Rich gifts, customer satisfaction guarantee

“Gutdolls” ist Deutschlands beliebtestes Laden für Luxus Liebespuppen, Wir bieten unseren Kunden “billige Puppen in Deutschland und Europa” mit hoher Qualität und gutem Service



-Japan based-Customer Service
-Free Shipping World Wide
-Proficient in English and Japanese (日本語)

2)Real Love Doll

-Official HRDOLL Reseller
-Free Shipping World Wide
-TDF verified vendor   

-24/7 Customer service



– Australian Based
– Sell to Europe, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Canada
– Free Shipping-Customs Clearance-Accept: PayPal, Credit Cards, Zip Pay
2) CassiusSexDolls
Official Ste:

HR Store Collection:
-Australian based-(Global Service) Shipping up to 54 countries including major markets in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, UK, USA, Canada and Japan
-Import Duty & Tax Clearance Service (Customs & import fees paid by us)
-Free Shipping Worldwide-Accept PayPal, Credit Card, ApplePay, GooglePay, Cryptocurrencies
-Proficient in English, Italian, Spanish, Russian


1) Todos Tus Deseos TTD
– Atencion Personalizada las 24 hs 7 dias a la semana via Telefono , mensaje, whatsapp . chat en linea , instagram y facebook
– Puede abonar con transferencia bancaria. Paypal y tenemos financiacion
– 100 % discretos


1) Todos Tus Deseos TTD
– Atencion Personalizada las 24 hs 7 dias a la semana via Telefono , mensaje, whatsapp . chat en linea , instagram y facebook
– Puede abonar con transferencia bancaria. Paypal y tenemos financiacion
– 100 % discretos