The First Real Doll-Man wedding

It started about a year ago with reports of the growing preference of sex dolls as companions among Chinese men. And the news broke that these men were actually marring the dolls legally

In the beginning, a lot of people assumed that the men marrying these sex dolls legally as wives and treating them as real human being, thei4 life partners, were crazy but then one of the strangest events took place.
A 31-year old super smart Chinese computer programmer, who works for the world’s largest artificial intelligence builders and telecommunications giants, Huawei, in the city of Hangzhou, China, built and married to the woman of his dreams… a female lifesize robot in the image of a woman, complete with artificial intelligence and the ability to speak a few words.
Mr. Zheng Jiajia told news media at the time that he took this drastic step after six frustrating years of different failed relationships with single women. He claimed he now had no regrets as his new s*x doll wife was100% perfection.
Zheng’s mother claimed that her son informed her one day that he was bringing home his bride to be and she was all for it. But she never expected the bride to arrive in a box!
The trend picked up from there and thousands of Chines men began to take artificially intelligent s*xdolls as girlfriends and wives.A group of very intelligent young engineers over at China’s University of Science and Technology stunned the world with the production of a super smart, lifelike s*x doll in 2017. The amazing thing was not only its sheer perfection but that this doll was able to engage humans in complete conversations and was extremely submissive and seemingly to please.

When the leader of the smart tech engineers who created the s*x doll, Xiaoping, spoke directly to this doll, it replied, “Yes, my lord, what may I do for you?”

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